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58同城求职简历:-欧洲公民拒绝接受欧盟实施的加密法规 58同城求职简历: 欧洲公民拒绝接受欧盟实施的加密法规 Most European citizens reject the idea of a cryptocurrency regulation regime imposed by the European Union (EU) on its member states, according to a recent survey. Most surveyed citizens lean towards independent cryptocurrency regulation in each country, compared to 25% that approve an EU-imposed regulation. However, most of the citizens polled acknowledged they still don’t know much about cryptocurrencies in the first place. Europeans Reject EU Crypto Laws, Favor Local Proposals European citizens are against the establishment of EU-imposed cryptocurrency-related laws, according to a recent survey ordered by Euronews. The poll, that was carried out by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, a global consulting firm, polled more than 31,000 citizens in 12 states of the European block: Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. The survey found that most Europeans support locally issued laws instead of a set of rules imposed by the European Union. Citizens from Greece (51%), Italy (47%), Estonia (46%), Netherlands (41%), Germany (40%), Latvia (39%), and France (37%) said they would prefer their own government to regulate cryptocurrencies. Also, a surprisingly high number of citizens would prefer the issuance of local cryptocurrencies instead of a digital euro, something that shows more and more Europeans blame economic inefficiencies on the European Union integration. Dimitar Lilkov, from the Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies in Brussels, stated: A large part of the population remains convinced that the crisis was caused by poor decisions made at the EU level and not by serious deficiencies in its national banking sector. However, the affiliation of each country with the EU impedes this from being a reality. Italians (41%), Greeks (40%), Estonians (39%), and Spaniards (37%) registered the highest support for the initiative. On this, Likov stated:希望使用数字货币的欧元区国家将与潜在的数字欧元挂钩,由欧洲央行与欧元区银行系统协调领导。
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